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What is a solo dog? Is my dog considered solo? Solo dogs are unsuited for group play due to their preference for human companionship over that of other dogs. They may be fearful of other dogs or have other personality traits that necessitates their status as solo. In some instances a dog is kept out of group play by owner request. We also consider unaltered dogs over one year of age solo, as it is often necessary to separate them from group play for their safety and comfort. Solo dogs are provided a private yard or outdoor dog run where they can safely enjoy the sunshine and companionship of our staff.

What should I bring for daycare? If your dog eats lunch or dinner, please bring a serving of each. Otherwise we have everything they will need including beds, blankets, and toys. If it is cold out feel free to bring a sweater for them.

What should I bring for boarding? Please bring your dog's food and medications. Let us know the frequency of feeding, as well as the medication schedule. We do encourage you to bring blankets and beds from home. This will help your pup settle in more comfortably.

What vaccinations do you require? We require rabies and distemper (dhpp) to be current. Bordetella is required every 6 months and must be administered 48 hours before your pup visits us. We highly recommend leptospirosis and canine influenza vaccines. We also require flea and tick treatment. Please provide proof via veterinary prescription or receipt photo. We do not allow flea collars.

What discounts do you offer? We offer a 10% discount for active duty military. We are constantly looking for new ways to offer savings for our customers.

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